Title: Collideoscope. Grand Royalton, One Grantai, Estrada Governador Nobre de Carvalho, Taipa.


©richard mark dobson

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument with two or more reflecting surfaces (or mirrors) tilted to each other at an angle, so that one or more (parts of) objects on one end of the mirrors are seen as a regular symmetrical pattern when viewed from the other end. The inventor, Scot, David Brewster, believed it would become a popular instrument “for the purposes of rational amusement” when released for sale to the public in 1817.

Jump forward halfway across the world, to Puntopia, some 204 years later…

Title. Diddly Squat. Lisboa. 2–4 Av. de Lisboa, Macau


©richard mark dobson

Around Puntopia triviality matters. Superficiality is the night and day standard. Glitz n glamour is the golden yardstick. But in the grand scheme of things, it all means diddly squat. You see, punters drawn to the trivial pursuit of finding material happiness on the spin of a wheel, those betting on the golden ratio, hedging their losses with ever larger bets, hoping the Fibonacci will save their ass, often end up crouching in a dark corner.

There, shielded from the bright lights, they adopt the shit squat position, attempting to…

Title: Island of Hoarafushi

©richard mark dobson

Still on the subject of The Birds, I think what I cherish the most about the STILL-ness quality of a colour photograph is this;

In the non-linear narrative quality of a photo-graph, we are given the space/time to open our minds and relax into the unhurried narrative. We are given permission by the creator to engage with his or her vision at a speed we decide for ourselves. Unlike film/motion, which dictates we follow the ‘story’ set by the director!

We can engage with a photograph and study the dynamics of shape, form, pattern, and ask…

Title: Alice in Wonderland. Hotel Lisboa. 2–4 Av. de Lisboa, Macau

©richard mark dobson

Puntopia is a wonderland of wealth shifting characters. While their physical shape remains the same, their level of affluence rises and falls. They have perceptions of getting more, when more often, they end up with less. Their spin through revolving glass doors, whether they are aware of it or not, is an analogy for the looking glass self.

Looking-glass individuals base their sense of self on how they believe others view them. It’s a case of Humpty Dumpty syndrome that propels the narrative on. …

Title: Red, White & Blue. R. de Fat San, Macau.

©richard mark dobson

There’s a lot of red around Puntopia. Red lights. Red Flags. Red cognac flushed faces. Not much white. Things of that hue tend to turn yellow or a dull orange after exposure to the smoke and mildew that is prevalent around sub-tropical Puntopia. Blue is uncommon too, for the skies on most days are a dirty grey.

Gobbledygook is the term some apply to the nonsensical language that greets the ear around here. But then those who speak it, don’t give a damn about those that can’t understand it.


Title: Up, down, left or right. Countdown Hotel. Crown Towers Estr. do Istmo, Taipa. Macau.


©richard mark dobson

Life is a game of choices. Good decisions. Bad decisions. Decisions that can make or break us. Take us up, or down. Or horizontally. Sometimes we need to take a left turn in order to get to that place where a right turn is the right turn.

But for those who end up in Puntopia, choices are made for them. For very quickly they are asked to sign up for the Puntopia loyalty program. A decision most punters readily accept. Because they are the…

Title: La Creche. The Parisian. Lote 3, Strip, SAR, P.R. China, Estr. do Istmo, Macau.


©richard mark dobson

Kids around Puntopia are usually left to their own devices. Mum and Dad are way too busy. Hand them a smart phone, and let the juveniles amuse themselves. For boys and girls should be seen but not interfere. Mum and Dad have important things to do. Punting requires focus. Their utmost attention, so the little ones, they have to be distracted. Encouraged to forget their parents even exist for 12 hours or more. …

Title: The Vestibule. Hotel Lisboa. 2–4 Av. de Lisboa, Macau.


©richard mark dobson

The ever faithful, the punters, the gambling fanatics of an almost religious order, are forthcoming day and night. These loyal pilgrims come to revel within the vestibules of Puntopia, this outlandish mecca of depravity. All the while they take credence from King David and the book of Psalms.

115: 4 ‘Their idols are silver and gold, made by hands of men’.

Now, within the anterooms, chambers, atriums, corridors and inner sanctums of Puntopia, those in need, cry, ‘O Brother, O Brother where art thou’? But, their calls go unheeded…

Title: Champagne Supernova in the Sky. Av. do Infante Dom Henrique. Macau.

©richard mark dobson

A supernova is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion. This transient, astronomical event, occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star. The original object, called a ‘progenitor’, either collapses into a neutron star or is completely destroyed.

A nova is a bright star. A supernova is a very bright star. The ‘bosses’ of Puntopia, view their patrons as progenitors and classify them as stars. …

Title: Shooting into the Light. Av. do Infante Dom Henrique. Macau.

©richard mark dobson

The theory is that moths as primarily nocturnal insects, have evolved to travel by the light of the moon and the stars. A phenomenon knows as transverse orientation. An easy way to think about about transverse orientation is to imagine a sailor traveling in the direction of the north star. Moths similarly follow the light source at a precise position and angle to their bodies, this is how moths have navigate for millions of years. By the light of the moon.

Moth evolution couldn’t however account for the proliferation…

Richard Mark Dobson / The RMD Gallery

The Existential Artist. “There is light and darkness, all and nothingness” www.richardmarkdobson.com

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