Series. Puntopia.

Title: Champagne Supernova in the Sky. Av. do Infante Dom Henrique. Macau.

©richard mark dobson

A supernova is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion. This transient, astronomical event, occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star. The original object, called a ‘progenitor’, either collapses into a neutron star or is completely destroyed.

A nova is a bright star. A supernova is a very bright star. The ‘bosses’ of Puntopia, view their patrons as progenitors and classify them as stars. A file is kept on each and everyone, logged in and out via facial recognition and other biometric means, the punters are classified according to their star power on and off the tables and their brightness.

1. Star Power off the tables: ie. are they a celebrity, cryptocurrency billionaire for example. VIPsTARS rank at the top.

2. Star Power on the Tables: refers to how good are they at their chosen gambling vice. Roulette or Blackjack for example. They are graded as Poor/Average/Excellent. VIPcUNTS rank at the top.

3. Brightness. This has nothing to do with their inner or outer glow. For most punters in Puntopia, are dull and dour creatures, with complexions due to lack of sunlight, that resemble dry bread. No brightness here refers to their ‘mental capacity’. And are graded as Really Stupid/Less Stupid/Stupid. VIPdICKS rank at the top.

The Bottom line is this: A supernova is the cataclysmic explosion of a star at the end of its life. Like stargazers that watch out for signs of this imminent galactic crash and burn, Puntopia’s top brass are patiently waiting for their stars to burn out on a heady mix of greed, stupidity, licentiousness and alcohol, like some great champagne supernova in the sky.

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Written by Richard Mark Dobson / The RMD Gallery

The Existential Artist. “There is light and darkness, all and nothingness”