• Emiliano Finocchi

    Emiliano Finocchi

    Emiliano Finocchi is a seasoned leader and businessman living in Rome, Italy, passionate about spearfishing. Learn more at http://emilianofinocchi.net/!

  • Adam M. Beal

    Adam M. Beal

    Adam M. Beal is CEO of Awayr A.I., a new form of artificial intelligence for user interface design in transportation, space, robotics and unmanned systems.

  • Flying Pig Parade

    Flying Pig Parade

    7887 Randomly Generated JPIGs on the Ethereum Blockchain please Direct Message @fppnftproject on twitter for WHITELIST access (limited time only)

  • Kayla Trusick

    Kayla Trusick

    Artist of Words | Mindfulness & Self Improvement✨

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