Series: Puntopia.


Title: The Getaway Car. Wynn Hotel. 394 Rue Cidade de Sintra, Macau

NB: Quasi-Fictional Street Photography Series.

©richard mark dobson

Getting away in a hurry for those who have lost a pile of cash, is a prerogative. Emotionally they offer themselves very little forgiveness, certainly not for the system that has ‘robbed them’ of their hard swindled fortunes! Stepping demonically on the gas, leaving the marble and glitter, and fancy shop windows behind them, it’s now all about flinging themselves into the Puntopia’s clogged streets. Arteries of traffic madness! It’s a flee and forget thing.

Having a performance getaway car might alleviate a little of that psychological misery. Helping them commiserate over their foolishness, and sense of loss. I mean, surely dropping a few million on the roulette tables gotta hurt even the most resilient zillionaire….

So they sit there in their getaway car, doing the hurry up and wait, stuck in the traffic, listening to the growl of the V-8 engine slurping on that high octane fuel. It helps too, having the hired dolly bird beside them, massaging their aching crotch.

Look she’s happy. The dolly bird. Because the getaway car trunk is full of shopping bags. She’s got her fill of designer clothes, shoes and handbags, plucked greedily from luxury brand stores. She made sure she got what she wanted on his credit card, before she opened her legs and offered up her honey pot. It’s a deal made in heaven. Or hell, depending on how willing he was to keep signing credit card chits. Chits for tits. No chits and no tits, or anything else for that matter….

But now she’s on her merry way, he’s on his un-merry way, and never shall the twain meet, ever again…. ! He keeps the getaway car, for future getaways, and she keeps the shopping spree items, and will add to them, on the next shopping spree, with a guy with a different get away car….

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Written by

Richard Mark Dobson

“There is light and darkness, everything and nothingness”. The Existential Artist.