Title. Wank-Atorium way. Rue de Pequim, Macau


©richard mark dobson

Around the back end of the Lisboa hotel, are alleys full of massage parlours and girlie bars. But this part of Puntopia, affectionately called wank-atorium way, is noted for it’s group think services. For here gangs of inebriated men, shown the way by way of group leader, are taken to places where they can get their rocks off, en masse. It’s a cheaper alternative to the more discreet ‘boom boom massage’ parlour, which caters for those wanting something discreet, but infinitely more expensive.

A wank-atorium is a wonderfully enriching, yet shared experience, and affordable too, for those who have already blown most of their ‘relief budget’ on the blackjack tables.

Wank-atoriums offer a cozy retreat for those who like the sound of mass ejaculation. Where the lads can all cum together. Group activities are big in Asia, and so rows of beds, in large windowless room, with nothing more than a curtain between themselves and their mates, has much appeal. They are the ultimate chuckle chamber. They do find it a bit of a giggle! Lying there, with their pants around their ankles, a fag drooping from a mouth agape, while the girls do their thing, with their mouths. The room filled slapping, slurping, gurgling sounds.

It’s big business. The average turn around is 3 minutes. But if the girls are Vietnamese, it can be all over in less than 60 seconds.

They are brought in by Puntopia’s hiring division. Contract work. They earn way more than they do back home, and to management, it makes sense to get the best girls in the business. For it’s a numbers game, and the more in and out’s, on and off the beds they have in any given hour, the more money in the kitty for bosses and extended family. Of course the girls earn more too.

So the Viet girls are in big demand, for they have honed their ‘blowing’ skills in the Hot Toc parlours the length and breadth of Vietnam. They are way more diligent than the lazy Chinese gals. Thanh and Linh can have the most ‘hard core’ client as soft as putty within less time than they can burble ‘aaaargh’, with their zip zip zip mouth technique, while on another floor down, Zhang and Zang will be half-heartedly tugging away, just not making the quotas.
Wankatorium way is also called little Saigon, so plentiful are the pho shops around this part of town, serving the girls downstairs who slurp on noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in between bouts of slurping on things upstairs….

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