Series. Puntopia.

Title: For Faux Sakes. MGM Cotai Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau


©richard mark dobson

Here in Puntopia it’s faux trees, flowers, birds, animals and reptiles for faux sakes. The people here demand it because they are rather faux themselves. They fawn wealth and sophistication and come here to wander from one gambling hall to another and shop in Puntopia’s hermetically sealed biospheres of plastic, concrete, polished marbelite and imitation wood.

The faux creatures on display here, serve to remind them there is some semblance of a natural world out there, beyond the perspex windows, that supplies the scales, feather and fur for the apparel items they come to buy, or the rare meats or seafood delicacies that are listed on highly overpriced menus and served to them sauteed and on a bed of rice.

The faux fauna and flora are purposely displayed where people tend to seek moments of respite from the tables and slot machines. Places where they can light a cigarette, take a breather and gawk at their mobile devices. The giraffe effigies in foam or lizard representations on plasma screens are strategically placed as a form of advertising. They see a crocodile. They think hand bag. They see a shark. They think soup. They see a lion, they think rug. They see a tiger, they think magic fuck potion.

The bird calls they hear piped through hidden surround sound speaker systems, subliminally prompts them to consider sparrow for lunch or rare crested pigeon for dinner. For some it also reminds them of home where in tiny bamboo cages, they usually keep a song bird or two that have been snatched from the wild.

Aah Puntopia. A nature lovers dream….

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Written by Richard Mark Dobson / The RMD Gallery

The Existential Artist. “There is light and darkness, all and nothingness”